Mahlanya Top Songs & New Albums

Mahlanya Top Songs & New Albums 2022

Mahlanya Top Songs & New Albums

Maskandi is a South African music genre that boast of just few, but highly talented producers and singers, one of whom is Mahlanya. Here, we have little information about Mahlanya, songs, albums and other information you may want to know about him.

Mahlanya Profile

Mahlanya is a South African prolific house singer, guitarist, and producer who has his speciality on Maskandi music genre. The talented South African house since is one of the few who is keeping the music genre alive and going.

Though he is quite talented and known, the SA house producer has not been so open to the internet. His basic information like how old he is, his full and real name, family, wife, or even education background is not easily accessible on the internet.

In fact, he does not use any Instagram account, and the only Facebook page opened in his name is very low on information with no about us page. He is not also active on Twitter, so means of communication and contact seem hard, plus his private profile is not out there on the internet.

However, from his pictures we have seen online, one can deduct the average age of the singer. By our own assessment, the South African debut singer should be about 35 years old.

So far, he has shared a number of Maskandi songs and albums, and we searched and found a few trending songs by Mahlanya.

Mahlanya Top Songs

Mahlanya – Ke Khomareli
Hlanaka Noka Ntsho ft Mahlanya – Kene Kesa Kholoe
Mahlanya – matotomane agricultural college
Mahlanya – Labenya la Khaola ‘mano 1 DVD
Ha se betsoe – Mahlanya
Mahlanya – Tlama Ka Thata
Mahlanya – Lebe Le Toko
Mahlanya – Letsatsi
Mahlanya – Seroroana
Mahlanya – Letolo
Mahlanya – Bophelo Ba Motho
Mahlanya – Senyonyobi
Mahlanya – Lerato le Nfetolang Lekhoba
Mahlanya – Bohloko Ba Pelo
Mahlanya – Pelo Eaka
Mahlanya – Sello
Mahlanya – Kholoma
Mahlanya – Likhutsana
Mahlanya – Li Lahla Balisa
Mahlanya – Se Lahlisang Ts’epo

Mahlanya Albums

  • Labenya 1
  • Labenya 2
  • Labenya 3
  • Ke Khang 3
  • Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 5

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