Who Is Mahlanya?

Who Is Mahlanya? Age, Net Worth, Songs & Album

Who Is Mahlanya? Age, Net Worth, Songs & Album

A very interesting question, owning to the fact that many in the South African mainstream media do not know about the artist.

Mahlanya, is a South African house singer, who has been persistent in making Maskandi music for his followers, and also for just the fulfilment and joy of making Maskandi music.

We could not find some basic facts about his biography, but as we have contacted him to reply us with some of his information. We hope to update this page with more about his life, till then, let us share what we know about him.

To clearly state, some information like his age and net worth and purely based on speculations, until otherwise stated, please treat as such.

Mahlanya Age

For a renowned South African Maskandi singer, people may be tempted to ask, how old is Mahlanya? When is his date of birth?

Having gone through his pictures on his social media platforms, we can assume that the estimated age of the South African artist should be 42 years-old.

This is subject to correction, as soon as he replies with the specific date and figure, we shall update it here.

Mahlanya Net Worth

The official net worth of the Maskandi singer is also yet to be ascertained, however from his music, and lifestyle, we can come to a reasonable conclusion.

Mahlanya may be assumed to have an estimated net worth of about $50,000.

He currently has some good songs to his name, and some of these songs are already doing numbers. So it is safe to assume that he is worth close to $50k.

Mahlanya Social Media

Well, for Mahlanya, he seems not to be the social media person. Upon our checks, there is no solid proof to show that he is on Twitter, Instagram nor Facebook.

He only has his YouTube account where he updates his songs and videos.

We really hope that sooner or later, he will come up with a good social account so we can also monitor the activities of the Maskandi singer. Till then, we keep getting in-touch with him via his YouTube channel.

Mahlanya Albums

Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 2
Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 3
Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 4
Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 5
Labenya La Khaola ‘Mano 6
Ke Khang 3

Mahlanya Songs

Nakeng tsa Poho – Single
Malebela – Single
Lerato Le Nfetolang Lekhoba – Single

Mahlanya has tons of singles to his name, but these are his most recent and popular works.

Stay with us as we keep updating South African reated news.

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