Who Is The King Of Maskandi And Who Started Maskandi Music In South Africa

Who Is The King Of Maskandi & Who Started Maskandi Music

Who Is The King Of Maskandi And Who Started Maskandi Music In South Africa

Let us take a look at the nice South African music genre, Maskandi, how it started, who started it and who it is safe to crown the king of Maskandi.

What Is Maskandi & How it Started

Firstly, it is quite better to see what actually is Maskandi music.

Maskandi music is a type of music genre in South Africa. Ethekwini who is an Mzukulu promoter describes the music genre as the sound played by one on the move. He also stated the music for a man walking a long mile to court his bride, or walking a long mile to meet up with his Chief; so to say, Maskandi is a means of transport or simply put, a music played to ease off stress. One can play Maskandi in any real life experiences, from daily joys to sorrows, and Maskandi music is the music for a man who has the Zulu blues.

The history of the great South African sound can be dated back to the 90s when the likes of Izingane Zoma, Osukasambe, Dr. Buselaphi Gxowa, Lungi Ngcobo etc were the forerunners.

Maskandi music is a South African music genre that promotes the zulu culture. It is quite rich in South African Zulu legacy. Before the rise of GQOM, Amapiano and Hip hop, it was just Maskandi and gospel music genre.

All through the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, the sound could be heard blasting through the speakers.

Decades ago, the sound was at it’s peak, and more enjoyed by the older people, unlike in 2022, where the songs basically played and enjoyed are for the younger generations. For this reason, no younger artist wants to go back in time, to make a song which does not appease the hearts and minds of young people.

The lack of young DJs and producers who are unwilling to work more on the Maskandi music has put the existence of the sound in jeorpardy, as we have just very few young artists who are making the music.

In this current day, we have some reputable and talented South African music producers who still work on the music genre. Some of these artists are; Imfezi Emnyama, Igcokama Elisha King Duyaza, Mbuzeni Mkhize, Mjikjelwa Ngubane (Late) Amageza Amahle, Khumalo (who is said to be the founder of Maskandi, whom many Maskandi music producers look up to. He is known in real life as izibongo),

With the few artists left in the Maskandi game, it has left us to ask, who is the king of Maskandi?

Who Is The King Of Maskandi? Khuzani Mpungose!

If Mjikjelwa Ngubane (Late) aka Izibongo was alive, we would be glad to confer the title to him. But as he is not, we need to find a capable person who is fit to wear the crown.

Without doubt, Mjikjelwa Ngubane (Late) aka Izibongo is a founding father, founder, and top pioneer of Maskandi. But who is the living king of Maskandi?

From the ’60s and mid ’90s Maskandi artists like Izingane Zoma, Bhekumuzi Luthuli and then Mfaz’Omnyama have been contributing immensly to the growth of the sound.

But today, with the consistency of the likes of Khuzani Mpungose, Mthandeni, Mzukulu etc, one may be forced to choose among these three.

For us, we will be proud to announce the one who should be fit to wear the crown as someone who is consistent, and keeps up with the pace required. And so far, our title goes to Khuzani.

It is safe to therefore state that the king of Maskandi is Khuzani.

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