Uncle Waffles Reacts To Drake Posting Her On His Instagram

Uncle Waffles Reacts To Drake Posting Her On His Instagram

Uncle Waffles Reacts To Drake Posting Her On His Instagram

Many do not know that the real name of the female DJ is Lungelihle Zwane. A DJ popularly known as Uncle Waffles, and one of the most famous DJs South Africa ever has. A lot of people do think that with her name, that the gender of the personality would be a male, however that is not so.

The female South African DJ is a South African DJ, singer, songwriter, and mixer.

The 22-year-old female DJ is best known for her first official studio single “Tanzania” which appears on her first hit EP “Red Dragon. Asides being a DJ, singer and songwriter, she is also a wonderful TV presenter.

She took her music game to a top-notch, and that gained her an international recognition as Drake shared her on his Instagram Stories.

We have been waiting on her to respond to the free publicity, but it took her a while.

Finally, Uncle Waffles has opened up about what she feels like after Drake shared her image on his personal Instagram stories.

It is safe to also recall that the South African female star went full into DJ just two years ago, and so far, her career has been lit and great.

While speaking in a recent interview in a Lagos based radio station in Nigeria, the prolific DJ revealed that she was shocked, as she never expected the publicity from one of the best hip hop rappers alive.

Uncle Waffles expressed that she loves the particular video Drake posted, she also stated that she was playing an unreleased track, hence she views it as an advantage for her, as it comes in form of free advert for her upcoming song.

She further stated that Drake’s social endorsement has earned her more audience, and for which she is grateful for.

Finally, she did not hesitate to reveal her desires to meet with the international super-star, as she stated that they are still going to meet in the future.

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