List Of Songs Played On ‘The Harder They Fall’

List Of Songs Played On 'The Harder They Fall' (Soundtrack Tracklist)

List Of Songs Played On ‘The Harder They Fall’ (Soundtrack Tracklist)

For those who knows Jeymes Samuel, it is no surprise that the soundtrack to ‘The Harder They Fall’ is absolute fire! The movie is now streaming on Netflix. Jeymes Samuel is a singer-songwriter and music producer also known by his stage name ‘The Bullitts’ whose work includes supervising the music for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby'(Where he first worked with Jay Z) . Samuel collaborated with the rap legend, none other than Jay Z, who serves as an executive producer on the film. At this point it would be an actual shocker if ‘The Harder They Fall’ soundtrack was a flop.

Still, the music in this jaw dropping new-school western film goes way beyond just the killer tracklist, it exhibits precision and one could see there was rapt attention paid to every scene down to its perfection.

The music was an important factor to this film for sure. In an interview for ‘The Harder They Fall’ press notes, cinematographer Mihai Malaimare described the way Samuel incorporated the soundtrack from the very beginning of the filmmaking process. In her words she said “The script was full of music notes. Every time we watched dailies together, we listened to the music. Every meeting had some sort of music reference…”

The soundtrack for the 2021 American western film was produced by Overbook Entertainment, consist of an original score composed by the film’s writer and director, Jeymes Samuel. The tracklist was performed by various artists. The movie was released October 29, 2021 with the genre to the soundtrack includes; hip hop-reggae, reggaeton, and R&B.

The original soundtrack was released on October 29, 2021 by Roc Nation ahead of the film’s streaming release on Netflix the following week. In addition to streaming digital formats, the album was physically released on CD, Vinyl, and Cassette.

The 14 track album includes;

*Lightnin’ With The Blam Blams
*The Harder They Fall
*Guns go Bang
*Better than Gold
*Black woman
*Wednesday’s child
*Blackskin Mile
*Ain’t no Better Love
*We Ain’t No Nincompoop
*King Kong Riddin
*We go Harder
*Is the Devil Dead?
*No Turning Around
*Three and Thirty Years

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