Dj Vettys Biography, Age, Health Condition After Shooting

Dj Vettys Biography, Age, Health Condition After Shooting

Dj Vettys Biography, Age, Health Condition After Shooting

Developing stories have it that Dj Vettys has been shot after coming out from a party he attended. Before we share more information, let us take a look at who Dj Vetty is.

Who Is Dj Vettys

Dj Vetty (sometimes spelt as Dj Vetties) is a South African singer, DJ, producer and entertainer. He is known to be a very good friend with the dead amapiano dj and producer, Dj Sumbody. Sadly, Dj Sumbody who was an amapiano artist was shot dead some months ago.

How Old Is Dj Vettys

The real age of the South African Dj is not certain yet as he has not revealed more information about how old he is. However, from his pictures which are easily accessible online, one can tell that Dj Vettys is in his late 30’s.

What Happened To Dj Vettys?

Two days ago, news broke out that DJ Vettys has been hospitalized. It was confirmed that he was shot, though he survived, he fights for his life on the sickbed.

Actually, many people weren’t aware of the incident till his management team decided to drop a statement on Tuesday and through the statement released, it was declared that DJ Sumbody’s best friend, DJ Vetty while leaving Problem Child’s birthday celebration was shot. The incident happened on Monday at Top Notch Lifestyle, which was before called Ayepyep Sunnyside, located in Pretoria South Africa.

The statement read and we quote; “DJ Vettys was involved in an unfortunate incident after a shooting in the evening as he was leaving a gig. Thankfully he survived but he is in a critical condition, and receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital,”.

It continues, “His family and management would like to thank everyone who has reached out with concern and we ask that you continue to pray for his speedy recovery.”

We wish Dj Vettys a quick recovery.

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