Dan Marokane Biography, Age, Net Worth, Education, Wikipedia, (Profile Of The New Eskom CEO)

Dan Marokane Biography, Age, Net Worth, Education, Wikipedia

Dan Marokane (New Eskom CEO) Biography, Age, Net Worth, Education, Wikipedia

After being appointed as the CEO of Eskom, Dan Marokane has been on the news, and so we have gathered the profile of Dan Marokane, some of which are his age, biography, net worth, education, wikipedia.

Dan Marokane Biography

The South African prolific figure, Dan Marokane is a known executive in the South African energy sector. He is currently the acting CEO of Tongaat Hulett, a leading sugar, forestry, and property development company in South Africa.

In this article, we have laid out a detailed biography of Dan Marokane, including his date of birth, educational background, career, family, net worth and more.

The businessman, Marokane was born in in the city of Soweto, located in South Africa, back in 1968. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand, there he bagged a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The business mogul then proceeded to earn his master’s degree from the Imperial College London, and he again graduated a degree in Engineering.

As he as through with his education, Marokane started out his career in the oil and gas industry sector. He initially served in many companies like Shell and Total, his service was not just locally in South Africa but also international Oil and Gas industries. In 2005, he finally the popular South African power utility company named, Eskom.

While he was at Eskom, Marokane’s position rose quite quickly and he managed lots of senior positions, like the Group Executive for Group Capital. To explain his job in this role, he was known to manage Eskom’s financial investments and resources. Marokane was also important as he assisted greatly in the acquisition and development of Eskom’s major infrastructure projects, one of which is the Medupi and Kusile power stations.

In 2018, Marokane joined Tongaat Hulett as Group Executive. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s sugar, forestry, and property development businesses. He also played a key role in the company’s turnaround strategy.

Just last year, March 2023, Marokane was made the acting CEO of Tongaat Hulett. From his precedents, it is widely noted that he might be appointed the company’s permanent Chief Executive soonest.

Dan Marokane Age

The South African oil magnet, Dan Marokane was born in the year 1968. As of 2024, he should be 56 years old.

Personal Life, Wife and Children

Dan Marokane as known, is currently married, but the date of his marriage is unknown, and as of this moment, we do not know the identity of his wife. His marriage has been blessed with two children.

During his leisure times, he plays golf and spends time with his immediate family and few of his friends.

Dan Marokane Net Worth

From the data which are available to the public, it is has been revealed that the average net worth of Dan Marokane is between 50 million and 100 million (in South African Rands), It has also been revealed that he once accepted a R6-million settlement from his past company before leaving, the settlement is said to be around 2.7 million to 5.3 million (in USA dollars).

EDan Marokane ducation

He has both Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and Master of Science in petroleum engineering and business administration.

Dan Marokane As New Eskom CEO

Last year, 2023 Dan Marokane was appointed the new Eskom CEO, his appointment made him the 11th person in the last 10 years to be made to be CEO of the job.

Marokane is of course not new to the industry and to the job at Eskom in particular, as he had served as an executive at Eskom from January 2010 till June 2015.

After serving in some key positions in Eskom, Marokane moved to the private sector, then he worked with Tongaat Hulett in January 2018, a sugar company that went under from the weight of accounting fraud.

About 5 years later, he returned to Eskom in 2023, after it was evident that the company was in loss-making (ESKOM posted a record financial loss of about R23.9-billion in 2023).

It has also been recorded that Eskom enjoyed about R254-billion from the South African government over the span of 3 years, yet sabotage, crime, corruption etc. were still a big issue at Eskom.

Marokane is said to be the best fit as he knows the power utility quite well, as he has a good rapport with many in the company and workers were glad to have him back, many of whom he worked with from years back, this alone is good morale for the company.

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