The South African Music Legend Who Moved From A Singer To A TikToker

The South African Music Legend Who Moved From A Singer To A TikToker

The South African Music Legend Who Moved From A Singer To A TikToker

One of our favourite South African house singer has moved from being in the studio to being on TikTok.

Oskido is a South African music producer, songwriter, and house singer. He has successfully shared a lot of music in the course of his career and has made a good name for himself in the music industry.

Oskido has his real name as Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa, and is now moving from a known music icon to a South African TikTok expert.

One positive character about the music producer is that he has has exuded flexibility over the previous decades, which lead to his development and evolvement in the South African entertainment industry, and surely, we can confirm it to be impressive.

For more than thirty years, the South African entertainer has achieved a lot in the music industry; from launching new talents to the industry, to the launching of his music label which he calls Kalawa Jazmee. The label was formed in 1992.

Oscar seems to be less bothered with people’s opinions, as he slides into anything that is positive and keeps flowing with it.

From his lifestyle, one can tell that he loves to inspire people, mostly young and upcoming musical talents.

He is a graduate from the University of Pretoria, and he graduated with distinction recently in 2022. While in school, he studied Project Management.

While still on his established and successful music career, Oskido has seemed to find a new hubby or love, TikTok.

The social media platform is known to be used by mostly Gen Z, but the South African star does not want to be left out, as he has created his own page, and shared lots of contents which have been funny to his followers.

Oskido since he joined TikTok has trended for a while because of his TikTok content, in which he acted and mirrored different characters.

So far, he has gathered more than 300 000 followers and has more than 2.4 likes.

Oskido is a 53-year-old, who is deliberate with his actions and has not made himself redundant in the South African entertainment industry as he has actually grown from a music start to a TikTok celebrity.

Be not mistaken, we love to see the Oskido’s dramatic and funny sides, and we have below, his TikTok video.

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