The Official Tracklist Of “Never Have I Ever” Is Out

Never Have I Ever Soundtrack Tracklist And Theme Song

Check Below To See “Never Have I Ever” Soundtrack Tracklist

If only our sixteen was so drama packed! ‘Never have I ever ‘would leave you aching to be sixteen again. On Mindy Kaling’s teen show ‘Never have I ever ‘, the nerds are horny as hell! 15 years old Devi, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is a first generation Indian American girl from the San Fernando Valley who speaks to the Hindu gods by asking them “What’s poppin”. Devi has big plans for Sophomore year. She wants to go to a party packed with alcohol and hard drugs just so she can refuse it. She also wants a boyfriend, specifically a “stone cold hottie who could rock me all night long”.

It is only right for such an intense teen plot that the soundtrack for ‘Never have I ever’ is full of songs that is bound to make you feel 16 again right? In a good way of course.

A sign that ‘Never have I ever’ has a killer soundtrack is the first song you hear, Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’. With Davi setting her eyes on the hottest boy in school she can only hope the words to ‘Dancing On my Own’ doesn’t become her reality. It is hard to believe you won’t be going wild for this dreamy show with an even dreamer soundtrack.

With every season comes a different theme song that just sits perfectly well with the scene making your heart pump! Never have I ever released 10 new episodes with the arrival of the third season and one of the most interesting factors of this installment is its soundtrack, not only for its diversity but also for the great artists that make it up. The show has a total of three season, with a fourth and final season coming up soon as fans can’t get enough of the romance comedy movie.

Each season comes with an amazing tracklist of songs ; Season One with a total of 42 soundtracks, season two a total of 41 soundtracks and season three a total of 49 soundtracks. Every song is simply mind blowing and strategically placed for each scene. Here’s a list compilation of some of the most stunning soundtracks to the movie that we’re show you’ll love! In no order of course.

Never Have I Ever Soundtrack Tracklist And Theme Songs

* Dream of You by Josha Daniel
*Lilac House by Half Waif
*Fortunate Son by Creedence
*Pom by Riah
*In the Eyes of Our Love by Yumi
*Pride by Froyo
*I don’t want to be Friends by Rosemary Fairweather
*Party like a Human by General
*Nothing but Love by Caitlyn Scarlet &Raf Riley
*Back to the Sun by Black Bones
*Fire for You by Cannons.

Of course, they’re loads more of amazing soundtracks but we hope you’d agree with us that these deserve a spot as all-time favorite!

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