Shauwn Mkhize reacts after Royal AM’s goalkeeper lands in hospital

Shauwn Mkhize reacts after Royal AM’s goalkeeper lands in hospital

Shauwn Mkhize reacts after Royal AM’s goalkeeper lands in hospital

One of the most popular South African celebrity Shauwn Mkhize has shared her disappointment in the South Africa’s sportsmanship. Her statement came in after revealing that Royal AM’s goal keeper, Patrick Nyame is actually in a bad shape, and is in fact in a hospital.

According to the well known wealthy businesswoman, Patrick got a head injury while on the DSTV Premiership fixture this past Tuesday, which was said to have claimed his life.

On her social platform, she wrote, “The past two days have been very traumatic for the team and I. Our goalkeeper, Patrick Nyame suffered an almost life-threatening head injury in our #DStvPremiership fixture against Supersport on Tuesday. I had to stay the whole night at the hospital completely forgotten about the loss all what I wanted was for him to wake up”.

She continued, “You know, one wakes up in the morning excited to go support their team and then the worst thing happens. We had to make a life-changing decision in order to save our keepers life.

Mkhize revealed that it looked like a minor injury on TV but the injury actually affected his brain which has left him in a coma for several days now.

In her own words, she said, “While it may have looked like a minor incident on TV, it was a severe concussion that affected his head/brain, he was in the ICU and in a coma for two days. What’s difficult is that you still have to be strong for the rest of the team and tell everyone that everything is going to be okay even if you are not sure. Sbahle’s accident really taught me a lot on how to handle a situation like this.”

She stated her disappointment in the opposition team, since none of the football team members has called to check up on the goal keeper, Patrick.

She further revealed that Patrick, who as the goalkeeper has been moved out out from the ICU after it was known that he has become conscious.

Furthermore, she got disappointed as she tried to explain that there is no spirit of sportsmanship in what the fellow football team did by neglecting their fellow sportsman. She said, and we quote, “I am however, disappointed that not a single person from the opposing team has picked up the phone or sent a message to check on his condition. What happened to sportsmanship?!? I guess we are not the same.”

She finally stated, “I can now confirm that Patrick is conscious but still in hospital. He has been moved from ICU and will now begin his recovery. We wish him well and thank God that he is safe.”

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