Rozanne Visagie Botha Bio, Age, Cancer, PW Botha Daughter

Rozanne Visagie Botha Bio, Age, Cancer, Dies, PW Botha Daughter

Rozanne Visagie Botha Bio, Age, Cancer, Dies, PW Botha Daughter

A quick view at the life of the former South Africa’s president’s daughter, Rozanne Visagie Botha, her life, age as at when she died, cause of death, her father Peter W Motha, etc.

Rozanne Visagie Botha Biography

Visagie Botha Rozanne was a South African female, who was born and raised in South Africa to the family of Pieter Willem Botha and Anna Elizabeth Botha. Her father was one time president of South Africa.

Rozanne was a nice and kind-hearted person, who rather lived a Christian fulfilled life. She has been known to love music, and would be reffered to as a singer as she loves to sing.

Rozanne Botha was born to the former president, Pieter Willem Botha and his wife Anna Elizabeth Botha (the fmr president’s wife was born in Rossouw). Pieter was reportedly born on January 12th 1916, in Telegraaf, Paul Roux, Free State, South Africa.

Rozanne Visagie Botha Age, How Old She Was When She Died

Rozanne was born in the year 1959. She celebrated her birthdays on 14th of Octobers. The female Christian should have celebrated another birthday on 14th October 2022, but could not live to have her cake. 

Rozanne was born on 14th October 1959, so she was 63-years-old when she died.

What Caused Her Death, Cancer

Rozanne Visagie has been said to had been courageously battling with cancer and had been in chemo for 12 years now. Sadly, she passed away in hospital some days ago, on Sunday, 2nd October. Like we earlier stated, she was the daughter of President PW Botha. Some would refer PW Botha as the last real Christian South African President who has integrity.

Pieter Willem Botha Relationship With His Daughter, Rozanne Visagie Botha 

From every write-up and tributes, it shows that the two had a great relationship. Peter who had been the father of Rozanne seem to had loved his girl, trusted and cherished her a lot. Her friend through a tribute once stated that when she was interviewed and asked by a SA newspaper reporter, what she felt like, “living in the shadow of her father, former President PW Botha?”  Rosanne’s replied and said: “I do not live in his shadow, I live in his light!”

Did Rozanne Serve In The Military?

Yes, Rozanne Visagie Botha served in the military.

When she was alive, she volunteered for military service, when she was about 25 years old, she subjected herself to every rigours and discipline which any trainee would go through, and he camped at the Women’s College, in George. 

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